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Ask & AnswerCategory: QuestionsWhy my pan card details not same with GST registration?
Kavin Sankar asked 1 year ago

My business getting more process and collecting my returns as proper way. The customers are like to buy the products as more level. I have GST returns filing with the government website. My registration certificate is getting some errors. What are the documents are needed for the corrections to make. My father is following the some of rules for edit the details for my business.  It is very nice and good to get clear idea. But above problem is given more pressure and stress in my mind and also I cannot understand the exact solution.
I have attached my pan card and other required details in that GST registration certificate. But now i am facing the problem about my pan card not matching with CBDT data. I need to apply the new loan for my business purpose. So please tell me the quick way for editing that What can i do now? Where i can change the details? Please friends if you are facing this problem already? Please give me your solution and proper rate of points for solving that. Suggest me some tools for getting proper solutions. I am reading the discussion in online. It is very useful for me
Different types of website are available for tracking the GST registration certificate and correcting the errors. I have approach the proper officer. He had given some advice for solving the problem in online way. GST registration is common for all types of business.  But some mistakes are taken with invoice payments and registration certificate also. So how can i face those problems here? I need the brief steps about making correction. I have read the solution and details from online. But I cannot understand. I need your reviews and steps here.
I need the Very simple method and your helps for that. So please send me the process or steps for making the corrections here. It should be understandable and given some important forms also. And please share me the sample GST registration certificate for review.

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